Sunday, March 1, 2009

Adventas in Strippa Shoes

Like the old song says, "rainy days and Mondays always get me down."

Actually, just Mondays. I'm okay with rainy days. But I dread Mondays. I'm always half-tempted to pray for appendicitis on Sunday night just so I can avoid the inevitable, unbearable Monday. Except that I can't actually afford to have my appendix removed since I have the nation's second-worst insurance program (the worst insurance being none) and so it's actually cheaper to face a no good, very bad Monday rather than an emergency health crisis.

Maybe you hate Mondays too. If so, this post is for you. Because who can resist smiling when you see a picture of strippa shoes?

Deep in the ghetto of New Orleans, on a nasty, roach-infested street called Orange Blossom (such a deceitful name), there lived a beautiful maiden named R'Lyndria (we called her Lyn) who took her clothes off for money (but we won't dwell on that). As a bright-eyed, eager missionary, ready to sally forth and preach the word, I wanted Lyn to find happiness. And she did end up getting re-baptized (long story). She also showed us her strippa shoes. They were amazing. We even got to try them on and prance around while we read inspiring scripture. Unfortunately, I did not take pictures of them while I tried them on, but my companion had her picture taken in them. So keep in mind that I cannot take credit for being the foot model in this photo.  

Hopefully this has cheered your dreary Monday somewhat.

Or perhaps you are perplexed, as I have been, as to why strippas need shoes at all. Need I say more?


tammyfaye22 said...

Wow! Those are quite the shoes! I know Mondays are no fun, but I'm sure glad you didn't get appendicitis last night. My Monday would have been much more dreary without all the IM convos, etc. today! Or the post about strippa shoes!

jaynelora said...

You totally made my Monday! I remember Orange Blossom and it makes complete sense that those shoes would be found prancing up and down that beautiful street. That just adds to its class. Thanks for sharing

Kimberlie said...

I feel that I must clarify that there was no dancing & prancing while scripture reading.

But Jamie, you have so many stories that you need share; such as, the "Do you work around here?" story.

Also, I don't believe you were ever accussed of stealing Chunky's stash. Did you have the joy of meeting Chunky? He lived next door to Lyn on Orange Blossom and really needed to use a bra. NASTY!