Saturday, March 21, 2009

Addendum to the Previous Post and a Plea for Help

Okay, so I didn't mean to give the impression that I'm about to join the cutting club or something. Re-reading my post, I guess it does sound pretty melancholy. Sorry about that. I was actually in a good mood when I wrote it; maybe a little too contemplative though. 

I am not depressed.

I AM, however, in desperate need of cute sandals that don't cost a fortune. They need to be semi-professional too. I've looked at a few places, but I'm not going to pay $50-60 for sandals. I also don't like Payless because those shoes always fall apart soon after I buy them and they hurt my feet. 

So if any of you have suggestions of places where I can find nice, reasonably-priced sandals, I'd love to hear them!


Kimberlie said...

Go to You will like it and there are lots of options

NikkiAnn said...

There is a place on University Parkway in Orem called 'Shoe Carnival.' They have a big selection, and their prices were reasonable. ($25-35, but right now they're having a buy one get one half off sale.)