Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Reflections on Raisins

I recently saw the movie Benny and Joon. My favorite line in the whole movie was "when it comes down to it, raisins are just humiliated grapes." 

I couldn't agree more. I despise raisins. They ruin everything! Cookies, cakes, I've even seen them in main dishes (horrifying, I tell you). Several weeks ago, I purchased some trail mix at Costco. To my dismay, there were three times as many raisins as there were M&Ms. Which means I had to do a lot of digging to find an adequate amount of chocolate to go with my almonds (which I ate first), peanuts, and cashews. I can't say I'm entirely surprised-- trail mix companies are renown for getting the proportions of chocolate and raisins wrong. When confronted about this, they usually mumble something about raisins being healthy. But really-- can something that from far away looks like a  shriveled dead fly possibly be healthy? I think not. 

The only "humiliated grapes" I like are the ones from California that sing and dance. (They do a particularly funny rendition of "Rudolf the Rednose Reindeer" which can be found on youtube). Who can resist food that possesses unusual talent? I like Veggie Tales for the same reason.

Nevertheless, I can think of only one time where I would actually contemplate eating a raisin. Let's briefly consider what happened to the Donner-Reed party. If I had been there, I'm fairly certain I would have preferred those little boxes of Sun Maid raisins to munching on my family and friends.

But then again, I may have just chosen to starve.


tammyfaye22 said...

Have I told you lately how great I think you are?! If not, here's me doing it now! I loved this post and laughed hysterically, particularly on the part about how raisens are humiliated grapes! Love it!

Kimberlie said...

I like raisins and I think are just discriminating against them. But you are not the only person I know that has raisin issues so I guess we can still be friends.

You should make your own trailmix. I hate buying trailmix because there's always something that is yucky in the package. I don't like dried bananas or fat strips of coconut. It's like eating a piece of thinck fibrous paper. Not tasty at all.

Confuzzled said...

I love Benny and Joon! It's one of my favorites. And I've always though the description of raisins as humiliated grapes particularly apt.

(I also enjoy Johnny Depp in that movie. He gets all the good lines: "Aside from being a little crazy, your sister seems normal to me."

Also, I don't think you would have starved if you'd been with Donner-Reed party and you'd had raisins. But that's just me...