Monday, March 17, 2014

I Like This

Each week I read the New York Times Modern Love column essays religiously. I love them. Like if I had to choose between beaches (and I LOVE beaches) and the Modern Love column, I would be seriously torn. (And seriously confused about a world where I had to choose between them...). 

Anyway, I like this quote from Sunday's essay, A Second Embrace, With Hearts and Eyes Open:

"Neither of us sees the world in guarantees anymore. We recognize them as the comforting fictions they are. We accept that you can't always keep the promises you made when you were barely above drinking age. You can't know how you will change, or what life will throw at you ... But he and I have learned, because we have had to, the difference between the illusion of security and the liberating joy of the present, between obligation and choice. And choice, terrifying as it can be, is so much better."

I'll raise my glass to that!

(Also, I think the Modern Love column wins. Sorry, beaches.)

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