Sunday, November 23, 2008

Welcome to the 21st Century

Yesterday I finally bought a computer. I wasn't really planning on joining the 21st century yesterday by owning my own computer. It was just a regular Saturday, after all. Nevermind that I had been talking about getting a computer for months. I still wasn't ready to buy. As far as I could tell, choosing a computer should be based on a rational analysis of comparisons of options. Would I rush into marriage without taking the time to evaluate my choices?- (there are none at this point, by the way). No, I wouldn't. Buying a computer is the same way. It just can't be rushed.

So when I walked into the Apple store at The Gateway yesterday (yes, I knew it was serious when I decided to venture to The Gateway, where parking is a nightmare and Gucci girls are abundant, a place akin to Hell), I told myself, "I'm just going to look."

But less than an hour later, I pointed to the new sleek and stylish MacBook and told the acne-prone guy who was helping me, "I'll take one of those." 

After selling my soul to the Devil, I walked out of the Apple store clutching my new pretty toy and rationalizing away my guilt ("you've been thinking about this for a year", I told myself--"you can use it to bless the lives of others"). 

The 21st century feels good.

...but maybe I'll hold off on making any marriage decisions.