Sunday, November 23, 2008

Welcome to the 21st Century

Yesterday I finally bought a computer. I wasn't really planning on joining the 21st century yesterday by owning my own computer. It was just a regular Saturday, after all. Nevermind that I had been talking about getting a computer for months. I still wasn't ready to buy. As far as I could tell, choosing a computer should be based on a rational analysis of comparisons of options. Would I rush into marriage without taking the time to evaluate my choices?- (there are none at this point, by the way). No, I wouldn't. Buying a computer is the same way. It just can't be rushed.

So when I walked into the Apple store at The Gateway yesterday (yes, I knew it was serious when I decided to venture to The Gateway, where parking is a nightmare and Gucci girls are abundant, a place akin to Hell), I told myself, "I'm just going to look."

But less than an hour later, I pointed to the new sleek and stylish MacBook and told the acne-prone guy who was helping me, "I'll take one of those." 

After selling my soul to the Devil, I walked out of the Apple store clutching my new pretty toy and rationalizing away my guilt ("you've been thinking about this for a year", I told myself--"you can use it to bless the lives of others"). 

The 21st century feels good.

...but maybe I'll hold off on making any marriage decisions.


Kjrstin said...

welcome to the world of blogging. it's mildly addicting. or easy to procrastinate.

welcome, also, to the world of mac. it is more addicting. you are now part of a group that feels they are better than most others in the world. oh well. that is how you will save mankind. by being a mac owner. :) of course, i do believe mac owners all voted for obama, so that is like saving the world. congratulations. and welcome.

Kimberlie said...

Mildly addicting - I would have to say that blogging is totally addicting! You will start to notice things that are humorous or frustrating and then your mind will start spinning on how you can make this experience one to write about.

My only thing is that I hate the word blog. It is a horrible word that sounds like you just threw up.

tammyfaye22 said...

Jamie, have I told you lately how delightful I think you are? If not, I'm telling you now! I LOVE your blog entry, and I look forward to reading more of your anecdotes.

I've been enjoying my blog too, although I feel bad that I feel like I'm not all that interesting, but I'm working on it.