Tuesday, May 6, 2014

QOD (Quote of the Day)

Apparently it's a two-post kind of day. Lucky you! Yes, you-- that one reader that stumbled upon this blog by accident. Don't you feel special? Like it was fate? Well you should. 

So here it is -- the QoD (get ready):

"The word that comes to mind is courage. Anyone can live by a formula. It's much harder to leave the straight and narrow. Yet many of us have found that we must leave. The imperative from deep within is too strong. Life beckons and to dishonor the call would be spiritual death."
- Dr. Marlene Winell

YES! Choose life. This makes me think of a song I have been listening to a lot recently:

"Well I was dying to leave this place I know. Traded it in for something I can relate to. I'll find out who I really am. It may take some time, but maybe that's okay, yeah. Trying to make my way past hope, do what I can with everything that I've been through. I'll take my chances to live again." 

LOVE that song. (It's called "I Should Leave Right Now" by an angsty band called The Dangerous Summer).

Life beckons, but some do not heed the call. Many probably don't hear it. 

But me?

I'll take my chances to live again, too.

A Flippant, Yet "Brilliant" Post

Er, that's "brilliant" in the British sense of the word. Alas, this post will not be brilliant in the American sense.

But that's okay. Because today I bought my airfare to London! That's right! Now I can jam to Fergie's London Bridge (what a life-changing song) while I make plans to hang out in pubs with the young upstarts of the Mother country. I'll order bangers and mash and say things like "bloke" and "blimey" and "cheers" and, of course, enthusiastic declarations like "that's brilliant!"

And I will practice my queen wave (just in case I need to use it) and buy the sort of fashionable hat that no one looks good in but one could get away with in London. Oh, and I can't forget to pay tribute to the Spice Girls!

Just kidding about the Spice Girls. But I am looking forward to riding the tube, buying baguettes and cheese at Tesco, walking along the Thames and admiring the way British men wear jeans that FIT them. No, I'm not kidding about that last one. Say what you want about the bad teeth-- those English blokes know how to work a pair of jeans better than any American guy I've seen.

Hmmm... I think it's time for that Fergie song. Cheers!