Thursday, October 9, 2014

Gilmore Girls, Welcome to Netflix

Not long ago, my dad caught me in their basement watching an episode of Gilmore Girls.

"Again? How many times have you seen this?" He asked this not bothering to hide his dismay. It must be difficult to have a child with an obsessive enough personality that she enjoys watching her favorite TV shows over and over. Still, I find myself lacking sympathy for his plight.

The truth is, I have seen every episode of Gilmore Girls at least a dozen times. There have been many shows over the years that I've enjoyed. Some I've even loved. But Gilmore Girls takes the cake. Gilmore Girls is like that pint of Ben and Jerry's Everything But The.... on a bad day (though I admit GG and Ben and Jerry's are best consumed together). It's pure comfort food, people.

But it's also a really, really well-written show. The characters are believable and likeble. The dialogue is witty, intelligent and fast-paced.  The relationship dynamics keep things interesting. And I would love to visit Stars Hollow. (If only it was a real place.)

So even though I own all seven seasons, since some of my discs are scratched from overuse, I am excited to welcome Gilmore Girls to Netflix.

Earlier, I stumbled upon this tribute to Gilmore Girls. I think Stephanie does an excellent job of describing why women are drawn to this quirky, charming show.

So yes, Dad. I am watching it again.